Understanding and Influence

In order to best understand the world, it’s of utmost importance to drop all preconceived notions and dogma of it – in order to observe without prejudice. This objective view is fundamental in coming to understand the world, and as such, is the first and most fundamental aspect of philosophy. This holds true in other fields of learning; unbiased observation (as opposed to ‘subjective’ observation) is the key towards understanding phenomena. This then lends the question: what are the perks of understanding?

“Knowledge over a subject provides power over it.”

It’s wise to learn before implementing changes upon things. The greater a person’s understanding of a subject, the more influence they have over it and, as a result, the less likely they are to commit errors in change.

Idealism focuses on how things could be (rather than realism, concerned with how they are). The realists often fail to consider that things haven’t always been the way they are and are in constant flux (state of change), as is the world. Society, as an example, is dynamic; it isn’t a constant system of ideas, buildings and beliefs. Events lead to things becoming the way they ‘are’, they are, in fact, the impetus for change.

These events occur via inspiration and such inspiration is led on by an idea; a thought of how things could be from ‘the idealists’. These thinkers impose what might seem as though lofty visions that are, in fact, attainable if listened to and acted upon.

Envisioning how things could be takes us a step closer to perfection, which is the end-goal of any work or process. With trials, iterations and subsequent reforms, we could come closer to more perfected visions by a greater understanding of things. This is the work and philosophy of the idealists, working to contrive the magnificence of dreams.

This then should be the role of our humanities, pushing towards the most ideal world and proposing these visions via arts, literature and entertainment. The dire state of the world is currently run by decadence, greed, lust and its vices. These have infiltrated and corrupted the arts and entertainment today. Thus, it is our honorable duty, as the cultural and intellectual trendsetters of the modern age, to revive the good in man and awaken the soul in each person.