Locked in. A small room ahead; dark and empty with a silver door. It protects us from the undead on the opposite side. Every once in a while, a living being would pop through the silver door and into the black room. Banging on our door, they’d look for our protection. After all, their lives depended on it.

The silver door wasn’t entirely locked. Like ours, it was shut but hadn’t the capacity to be locked. This was beneficial in getting the living through but posed dire consequences should the un-living see it’s flaw. It was only a matter of time before they found out, however. 

My thoughts broke apart when the door swung open. An eerie creek followed by footsteps. It was more of us. They barged on our sole protector, a tad bit entitled but in a way we’d grown accustumed to. The usual procedure followed; we unlocked the door and let them come out of the dark. I spotted an ill omen on this particular occasion ~ they had left the silver door open and unattended.

With that came the reveal to a thousand ghastly fiends, all darting into darkness. I quickly locked our door as they burst through the other. Behind me, several careless lives going about the motions of life; kissing, loving, humping, chatting ~ intoxicated by one another’s company. I, timid inside but brave by skin, looked on through the door’s hole. The darkness, its creatures! All looking to swallow us in a senseless craze. They had reached our door and could hear me breath.

Meanwhile, in the room was a moon inspired scene ~ a bed on the alter, between stone walls and grand pillars. Beneath the stained glass, an orgy transpired.