One thought harmless light was harmless
Enchanted within enchanted eyes
But hang in the loop
And let’s see how divine innocence lies
The bright haired hare
Must organise the ritual for many predators
And dark skied pendulum
Swings back and forth like a grotesque white lie
Glamorous glamour
On your shiny metal jacket of silver uncanny
Drink toxic red in low lit light
To watch the moon turn blue
Tonight, we feast and gleefully drink
To beauty as she lays
Treacherous dances across the room
Her tink pink petal ablaze
The boy looked dazzled
Dazzled by the pink monstrosity of fine wine
Upon her sweet tongue
She, the phantom of the theatre
Ventured in vivaciously
For valiant cheery chime
So please sit down
I haven’t moved your chair
I’m stuck struck in this lair of your mastery
So splendidly unfair
And you’re cold
You got the cold
It mirrors without masking your shallow
If not for grand deception
Mirrors without reflection
Might peek through your grandeur
Now, as we are seated
Restricted in this largely filled parlour
Acting on a cosy stage
With me as beau
Tu as belle
Poetic by the fleeting moment
I felt compelled
To distort an inner picture
Of you and us two
Distraught yet I figured
I want to get off with you