To whom it may concern,

We live amongst you. We, the solemn souls existing in the quieter confines. Swept off our own feet by ‘fantasies’, the illusory machinations we project. We fail to establish a firm hold on the physical realm, and consequently, become rather illustrious in creating our own worlds.

The practicalities of life seem grossly unappealing and our inability to conform plants firm frowns upon frank faces. A ghost, unlike you’ve been told, might be identified if susceptible to the following symptomatic feats;

  • Inhabitting the mental plane. Words serve as the sole intermediary between us and the world, our grasp of these thus determines the lucidity of our works.
  • Art serves the purpose of mapping out our minds. The subconscious is layered with figments of our imagination which perpetually haunt our conscious thoughts, bordering reality. This renders us deeply introspective as we then attempt to un-clutter and, subsequently, decipher our minds.
  • Intellect, aside from conveying phenomena, attempts to conceive meaning and outwardly present it. This thus serves the purpose of rationalizing thoughts, happenings, and essentially, our perspective.(‘Perspective’ being the medium between our inner and outer world).
  • We cease to exist outside our world, seeming for the most part aloof and ‘up in the air’. Whichever work comes forth from the caverns of our mind constitutes our ‘Supreme Reality’, no other.
  • All commonplace dreams and desires of the layman fail to hold sway in our fantasy, we’re inwardly directed; hence the swivel’d eyeballs facing the altar.

If you identify with any of the listed items, I’m sorry yet glad to announce your journey through treasures of the mind. I’d like to welcome you into my world and I hope you find your sojourn most illuminating.

If you don’t identify with any of the listed items, I’m still very much warm and welcoming, it’s great to have you and I hope you find this canon most fascinating.


G.W. Birlzar