The Marquee

On the dark green field lay a wide array of Victorian dresses. I smiled, escorting my lady around, declaring my amusement of it all. There’s something quite suggestive about those loose white blouses. In genteel manner, we cautiously paraded the field, littered with pop-up tents and markets.

Sharing the warmth of our arms and hearts, I persuaded her to be accompanied to the event in which the gowns were fashioned after. It was to occur in a few days and had caused quite the stir. Nodding thoughtfully, she asked if I were to be hers even after ~ to which I felt slightly nauseated by and yet I approved with hopes more optimistic than most. How far I was willing to go for this one fantasy; a Victorian skirt ushering me to fall ‘sleep.

My passive tone possessed me, my approval was neither excited nor reluctant, simply distant. I feared I might follow this tone post the event. She too, of quite thoughtful temperament, assimilated my tone, arousing quite the unsettling feeling within me . Her sister, whom I had once preferred much more, jumped in, and of course; in her her usual gleeful manner. She assisted us into a dark concrete building on the outskirts and wandered off.

Silent thoughts persisted. each word was heartily weighed and measured so as to be full-proof. Climbing up the stairs, she had second thoughts, her skin grew pale and the sky darkened in contrast. I implored a greater look into the unfinished building. The clouds’ turn, as it appeared, embellished my omen of some proliferate rain that might swamp us both. My mind swiveled as I redirected my attention back to her, the picaresque beauty hurried off, leaving me in her wake. I considered basking in solitude but my body followed in quick succession.

I walked down the steps; dry and empty, unbothered by the rain. Across this unfinished building was a large tarmac road, with cars parked, light clouds and a sunny outlook. It were as though a separate dream lay yonder. I walked in search of a bag which was guarded by a pair of old friends from two lifetimes ago. One was a girl I once fancied (unrequited) and the other, a once best-friend who claimed to be her closest male companion. Lunging in-between them, I sat on the floor. They drew me into their world and I thought nothing more.