The Basis Of Individuation

Two sets of identities are instilled within a person. Both of which might be further developed irrespective of each other. They are thus assigned (i) Cultural Identity and (ii) Personal/Unique Identity.

Your cultural identity assumes itself based upon cultural factors such as race, age, gender, nationality and social class. These go on to define an individual’s image towards others without regards to said person’s temperament.

When stripped of a name, age, background and language, an individual comes into contact with their true ‘self’. This is the personal identity behind each individual, which acts independently from cultural dynamics. This “self behind the veil” seeks to live an authentic life – one intrinsically true to itself. As a result, the “eccentric” is born, a person who operates closer to their true essence. The cultural identity is thus relinquished and the individual no longer operates on the basis of socio-economic factors, but by their own intuition.

Nihilism, contrary to the oft degrading and pessimistic viewpoint spurned by popular culture, is the understanding that individuals assign meaning into their lives. This offers the insight that anyone could become anything they strive to be. In other words, “Whatever the mind may conceive, the heart can achieve”. 

We can then deduce the fact that we manifest our own destiny – based upon our own choices.