Don’t tease me with such sweet quarrel
Clamor it with your whimsical tempt
Seduce it with a sizzling mystery
Profane sentiments hindered in insinuation
Might as well stop alluding
Merely misguided thoughts
Pampered in salt
So as to distance what sugar conveys
Isn’t so arousing as the wicked
Hurtful teases welcome
Hover around it hot
And have a grasp to feel it beeping
There’s a spot within that ground
I look around for its kiss of death
A swirving of sound lingered
Flattering a tease
Pushing me around
To come ever closer
Tension flares
So as to see a whiff of red
On the knife where tension bled
And as we now know
Said wine addresses truth
One of our bitter worldly foes
There’s a scene I know as do you