Each to own capricious soulmate within
Phantom society unmet as of yet
Knowing a wild inner strand of mind
And all teething lust, greed and envy
Such can’t be hidden forever
Only to be met eye to eye
Mirror reflects a shadowy fiend
Exact looks as that of your being
Reproached until the night’s longest hour
Coming to know of your evil twin
Such rascal takes hold when controls broken
Wheeling away your distraught car
Seat belt buckled to watch the little devil
Take its toll and ride you afar
Seeing the carelessness of firm control
The toll of saturating its fold
The snake unfolds to counteract your power
The snake sees no such thing as no
Tyrant knows what’s light bearing wisdom
Recognizing to run from its name
But if understood and healthily asserted
It will grant a mind to your name
In tirades of ocean mind finds
What comes with truth comes with cane
What comes with pleasure comes with pain
All comes with Abel comes with Cain