Psychedelics and the Self

Psychedelics play an essential role in finding an individual’s true self. They’re to be considered as a key aspect of individuation as they open up the “doors of perception”. By this, I mean to cite the fact that these stimulants alter perception in a positive way; they raise the individual’s consciousness, alleviating them from personal inhibitions.

These personal inhibitions constrict an individual’s perception of themself, and thus, the world in which they live. The narrow perspective sanctioned upon the sober mind limits its understanding of the inherent self. In such dire framework, the person would seek to assume a position in the world based off the template lifestyles offered to them by the state. In reality, said person hasn’t even come to understand their own soul, and as a result, isn’t living their ‘unique’ or ‘authentic’ life.

As all things, psychedelics must be regulated, yet not totally restricted and vilified. As all foods, technologies and drugs, they might be used purposefully or disparagingly. In terms of good purpose, they might be used as an agent of augmenting our reality in order to forge a greater scope of the self, the world and their relations.