Perspective and Didacticism

Everyone lives according to their ‘perspective’; the unique gaze governing our lives. This is susceptible to change under influence. Influence over a person’s perspective alters their general viewpoint, with a capacity to change the way they live.

‘Creation’ is the presentation of an idea. This could be done artistically or intellectually. Each piece of creation presents the creator’s narrative (their perspective is surreptitiously imbued within the work). The piece being consumed contains the power to alter an audience’s perspective on certain aspects of life. This influence is key as it forms the basis of society’s perception of the world and thus affects the way people live. It also explains why cultural trendsetters are oft famed artists and/or intellectuals; they work to prescribe a worldview to their audience, whether being conscious of it or not.

It is thus the responsibility of artists and intellectuals to be more scrupulous over the connotations of their work as it does (significantly) impact the culture of today, and subsequently, tomorrow.