With a straight body did she rule my voluptuous heart
But of a face as beautiful as dreams
A strait jacket in Seattle had I been confined in
Running pores inside out
Tingling voice as soft as the winds
So hallow as to have struck all my chords
And rid all other pastime
Engulfed by an omnipotent force
Did a frenzy come commonplace
And she would ride my visions
And run my world
And I a fool for her tone
Fell into a maneuvering plot
A first asking out
Followed by a nervous cut
Somewhat petrified by Richter’s measure
Coffee was as such an unnerving task
But of the prettiest face of all the world
And the most gorgeous eyes and sweetest roses
My lips couldn’t hold on the grief of disclosure
But by her fervent evocation
I shan’t hold still from her holy glamour