I was in my room upstairs. People walked through the corridor as I sunk into the grand cushion, staring at the wardrobe by the door. A peculiar person popped in, orchestrating the rest of my evening. He said I owed the younger boys ‘ten’. They lived three doors away and we were all well acquainted. At the moment, they were headed down the corridor, towards the lift (elevator). We quickly followed suit in order to pay our debts.

We split-up downstairs, we had been assigned different tables to eat on the black boardwalk. It was some grand, thick monolithic board which occupied us for supper. Poles guarded us from falling and the ground was so far down, you would probably disappear before reaching it. Below the board was as dark as it was above, it were almost as though each side was the vast, black nothingness of space and time. The sky, of course, pitch black and the clouds hovered beneath us as though the mist before the fall.

My table was a quick right and there were about four others on it. I particularly honed in on the lady opposing me. We were dear friends and even more sincere comrades. We quickly decided to patrol the boardwalk in our lonesome.

Me and her, or ‘her and me’, as she would prefer, looked all through the platform. We inspected the various types of people gathered around. We roamed the large, black T-shaped slab and made our way back to the table. Before long, she was summoned for ‘excessively playful behavior’ by our superiors and was kindly asked to take the shuttle where the lift once was.

I had seen the pain in her eyes going in, she didn’t look back either. The doors provided ample time for a final glimpse before it shut, dissolving into the black winds.

I made my way round once more, fearful of suffering the same fate as my once comrade. I had owed the boys ‘ten’ so I wandered into the blindside at the T-junction. Carefully inspecting each table, one by one, with each gaze more piercing than the last. I spotted them at the end ~ on the last table.

Soon after, some novice crept through the rails on the edge of our podium. It wasn’t a dare, he would dance on the other side of the barriers for everyone’s attention. He loved their eyes on him,and even more, the howling winds threatening his downfall ~ he was a man driven by rush.

The younger boys also stood up. I guessed either to patrol the territory or head back up the lift. I handed them the note and we exchanged the usual chats and smiles before I giggled my way out of it. I headed back down the T and spotted a room on the edge which looked like some caged black bunker. Heading there for shelter, my mate from upstairs quickly caught on to my whereabouts, joining in. We ventured into the room and deep into darkness where a white bed lay at the corner.

A much older lady came in and found her way to the bed. She had eyes for me only so my mate made for the exit. As soon as the door had shut, my eyes jumped to her pants and over to her lips. She instructed me the whole way through, sufficiently suffocating any hopes I had to stay pure…