Dear Reader,

A brief look into the past will have you realize that ‘being’ could either be ‘meaningless’ or ‘pivotal’ towards the future
– that is, the progression of humanity.

In my case, the irony comes from the fact that in order to become such a pivotal figure, I’ve to live as though an apparition, operating through literature; home of eternal’d minds. This sacrifice requires the pawning of living ecstasy for the flame of Arthur’s sword.

The Gost’s joy stems from deciphering life’s clutter so as to frame a clearer picture of heaven’s mirror. The cathartic rhapsodies I’ve carefully imbued act as a conduit between this world and mine, the optical book being an account – its eternal preservation. Each image mirrors memories (come and of yet) pieced together and each axiom is a truth draped in blinding jewels. 

Soulspin Poetry is my blessing, calling and present to the world. This shining crystal ball best instantiates my monad, who’s manifestation is as much a spectacle as it is a great wonder. Sharing peace, love and magic to the world.


G.W. Birlzar