“Once you become aware that destiny is the culmination of your actions, you learn to take control of your destiny by being selective over what you do”.

This represents the ‘switch’ from being a passenger in life to becoming the captain of your own ship, steering it whichever way seems ultimately fulfilling for your soul. The ‘soul’ is the door to be opened, representing self-actualization and/or self-manifestation.

The key, however, is in (first) finding your soul in a world which subtly discards it and attempts to stifle it. In order to do so, one must earnestly follow their heart and implore the reason for its desires – this is self-reflection, the penultimate tool towards understanding oneself. 

Through this reflection, you come to understand your subconscious mind and its urges; this is often represented by the ‘forest’ in which you must walk through by night and day in order to find your heart and mind (i.e. your soul). This then lends the key to the door which reveals the ‘Sacred Vision’ that must be followed. This ultimately presents what is truly fulfilling to you and will bring utmost joy- at this point, everything ‘adds up’ and all experiences no longer seem arbitrary. Everything was meant to be and will be and is thus called ‘Destiny’.