De Profundis

A Friend reeled me into the room. A tight one occupied by two others, featuring four beds and a cupboard with its space constructing a cross. We played tag with one another, at first light-heartedly, this however tends to transcend with competition.

I quickly made a name for myself, perfecting the form of physical evasiveness ~ one which seemed incredibly difficult to fathom by others. With that name being put to the test, in a way in which I couldn’t save its grace, I quickly opened the door and made for a run. I sprinted down the narrow corridor, with a boy trailing behind. Pounding down, reaching for the exit, I galloped down the stairs. As I burst into a sprint once more, on the lowest of all three floors, my figure alerted two others who quickly chased me up.

I walked into a shop-esque room, filled with crowded aisles and in all the bustle people tend to bring. Seeing as they had maintained a relentless pursuit, unlike their contemporary, I decided to exit from the door in which I came. In the name of wit, I’d imagined them waiting by the foreign door as any clever fool would do.

Departing the shop, I walked through the path, from the side-steps towards the more visible, rounded stairs in the middle. On the way, I noticed the same two figures headed passively towards me. I clunked one on the forehead, with some solid object and made my way back down the usual back-end steps. With more guards occupying the lowest level, I jumped into the grassy podium in the middle. I stood still, being snooped on and inspected as though a circus animal, I heard praise turn ridicule and an image tarnished. The gates lay yonder but were guarded as were all the paths inside.

After much thought, I decided to burst out and rely on sheer will as well as my favourable physicality. This got me through the two guarding the gate with minor bruises. Escaping the building gate was the first step as I was of yet to dash past that of the compound ~ towards freedom. By now, my reputation had been spurned by my forceful exploits which even I struggled to come to grips with.

The journey towards the gate was barred by a dozen boys, sporting some hard-hitting weapons. These were to be stabbed through the belly in order to maim me, thus, hurting any chances of an escape. I knew the risk yet my leave was warranted. I made a semi-circular dash, chinning the countless stabs which stuck in me.

Unable to recall the event which had transpired, I feared that either my dissociation kept memory from me or some form of automatic repression did just that. Either way, a future image held my gaze;

From the side on, upon the road, a jogging man who I roughly resembled. The objects still stuck within him and yet he jogged ~ nowhere. Possessing a bloated belly to contrast his thin frame and dispassionate eyes, it were as though he weren’t there anymore. Yet here I was, dissecting him quite comfortably from afar. This haunting image was once me. Now; nevermore.