Dark Heaven

We ventured further still. Up top, we walked into the middle, where a vast, cylindrical gap occupied the building’s centre. We could see walls from different floors, all covered in darkness with the exception of that immediately below.

We walked down the steps, in search of the paranormal. I had known the place to be haunted, visiting once before, yet my accomplices were much too proud to be satisfied by my rambles. For such reason, I kept silent.

Through the silent steps we heard running cries, or giggles, from much younger ladies who occupied the monumental ruin. A shrill ring down my man’s back, our mutual accomplice seemed to have disappeared in the shadows haunting the steps.

Now us two hopefuls remained. Me, puzzled by my vivid recollection of the place and my friend, soon to be attended to by dark angels. Inspecting the vast fortress, with torches to cleanse our vision, the high-pitched laughter persisted once more, this time with a much grimmer fate. By head’s turn, an angel had slashed my mate with a crooked blade. Taking gentle steps back, barefooted, she once more joined her twin sister, chuckling lightly this time ~ amused by the grim scene.

Soon after, their voices dwindled by the presence of my mistress, a true Goddess, much larger in figure than I. A gleaming bride, robed in all white, with loose golden curls thickly braided . She cried on in full-on laughter as I stared, paralyzed, by the death of a dear friend and brother. My heart filled with angst, love, awe and horror.