Chapter 7

She stood
Illuminated within the shadow
Dark by the trees
The snake slithered out
As it started to speak

‘You are yet to lose heart
Mine remains still
If you help me find it
I will remain with thee till
The end of the night
We’d fight and we’ll plough
Your gold’s past the river
And mine’s in the ground’

She swept the sweat from her forehead
Lucy was perplexed by her tongue
In the cold cruel forest
The snake slithered down by her side
She walked through the crackles
Brown leaves, yellow leaves and dead trees
The loud leaves alert beasts of the night
Wonda breezed by
Groping tree branches as she strolled by

A creature popped up
Sat still and silent
Two magnificent horns stood
As it urged them to stop
With a weary face
They ran past it
Following the star’s direction
The goat spat in anguish
An unsweet taste