Chapter 1

She strolls,
Wandering gracefully in the Sun
Upon the green grass and pink petals
Bees, birds come together and hum
On top the bright bronze flowers
The clear blue skies match clouds so high
The blouse above her skirt
Reflects the sunlight
She quavers;
Crying joy for morrow in merry blurt
A tear rolls down her eye
Crackling through the cheeks
Mirroring light; so smooth, so lit
Tender white hazed
Punched up till red
Cushion grass sunk
A shriek as feet fell
Those long white socks
Her silver blonde locks
Had all the birds gather
Sing hymns of good luck
Wind blew melody
Pale lips smile
She looked on adventure
A gaze free from mile
Her hands deftly laid
Upon the brown branch
Hazel eyes open
They shine as though marbles