Asceticism: Transcendent Spirituality

The mystic undergoes a daily practice to seek oneness with God. This means living in harmony with the external world whilst rigorously exploring the inner caverns of the mind. Wisdom is the key to transmutation but this rise in consciousness warrants a conscience ‘light as a feather’. In order for the mind to fly above the body, a significant measure of moral purity is required – this complements the practice of mental willpower. Dominion over the body as well as complete mastery over sin are of utmost necessity.

Practices such as fasting, abstinence and extended periods of chastity are necessary on the path towards this spiritual transfiguration. These exercises hold the ability to master the body and rid the individual from being dominated by sin or pleasure.

As the vices of the earth have been overcome and the mind (i.e. the psyche) has total control over the body and thus itself, the being no longer occupies the lower realms of the earth as they dwell in a sanctuary above the land we roam – in the mind itself.